Nazmul S. Sultan

Assistant Professor of Political Theory 

Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia

I am a political theorist with particular interests in the history of political thought, empire and anticolonial thought, popular sovereignty, and modern conceptions of the global. My current book project explores the question of popular sovereignty in modern Indian political thought. In so doing, the project traces the formation of the idea of democracy in colonial India and offers a new interpretation of the anticolonial democratic project. I am also in the early stages of a second project on how the imperial unification of the globe in the nineteenth and the unraveling of global empires in the twentieth century transformed the scope and orientation of political thought, both European and non-European.

My research has appeared or is forthcoming in the American Political Science Review, Political Theory, and Review of Politics, among others. 

Before joining UBC, I served as the George Kingsley Roth Research Fellow at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge.

I received my Ph.D. in Political Theory from the University of Chicago in 2020. I completed my BA in Philosophy and Politics at the City University of New York. Prior to that, I also studied briefly at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh.

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Photo by Erielle Bakkum